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June 2009

Day of the Cowboy

June 2009


From the Publisher
The scope of our quest for a permanent Cowboy Day expanded vastly in 2009. To date, Volunteers in fifteen states are locating sponsors for the National Day of the Cowboy resolution in their state legislatures. Back in 2008, Arizona’s Senate and House passed the National Day of the Cowboy resolution concurrently and unanimously. In checking with U.S. congressional staff members, they confirmed that if we could get the Cowboy Day passed in more state legislatures, that would add substantial weight to our contention that there is a high enough level of national interest in seeing a day permanently founded on which to pay homage to our pioneer heritage.

Congratulations to volunteer Bob DeMitry, who was the first to get the Cowboy Day recognized this year. He enlisted his Senator Masiarz and New York's Cowboy Day passed in January. Longtime supporter, Texas
Senator Jeff Wentworth, followed soon after, sponsoring the National Day of the Cowboy in the Texas State Senate with passage on March 30. The following day, Representative Pat George achieved passage in the Kansas State Legislature at the request of Sandie Masden from the Dodge City CVB, and a few days later, thanks to Angie Maynor of the Route 66 Interpretive Center, Oklahoma Representative Danny Morgan and Senator Harry Coates, sponsored it the Oklahoma legislature where the "Oklahoma Day of the Cowboy" passed concurrently in the House and Senate. On June 29, Arizona Senator, Rebecca Rios, was able to achieve passage in the Arizona State Legislature. 

Murphey's Senator, Dan Kapanke, will sponsor in Wisconsin and Bob Orth's Senator, Bill Harris, has agreed to sponsor in Ohio. Radio host
Western Belle, Barb Richhart, is contacting a legislator in Colorado, and Lindalee Green (of the Western Music Association) is searching for one in California. Florida volunteer, Larry Baker, is seeking a sponsor there, while Ashley Crawford looks for one in Michigan. Nebraska legislators will be approached by Bret Younkin of the Nebraska Sandhills Cowboy Hall of Fame. 
Email if you’re interested in volunteering to help the Cowboy resolution gain passage in your state. It’s not a complicated or difficult process. Engaging a sponsor does not require (nor has it ever required) petitions, letters, multiple signatures, or collecting email addresses. It’s simply a question of contacting your state legislators one by one, telling them why this is important to you and asking them to sponsor it in your legislature. Once you’ve got your sponsor, you’ll want to send them a copy of the U.S. House Resolution (H.Res. 322 in 2009), to use as their resolution  prototype. I'd be happy to email you a copy to make it easier for you. 

Don't be confused by the variety of titles popping up for the resolution! Some states like to insert their name into the title, while some mayors and governors like to name it the Cowboy Day or the Day of the Cowboy. Virtually everyone uses the same text as the basis for their proclamation, but all agree on the most important details, which is it's a day to celebrate our pioneer heritage and it falls on the fourth Saturday in July. I'm told by congressional staff that passage in the U.S. House confirms the official title as the
National Day of the Cowboy since a U.S. House resolution takes precedence over all others. 


2009 Membership pin features official NDOC brand

Membership Drive
If you believe it's important to teach our pioneer history to current and future generations, and you want to help preserve our heritage through the official founding of the Cowboy Day, I ask that you take a moment now to become a supporting member of our National Day of the Cowboy nonprofit organization. As the Cowboy Day passes in more and more states and in Congress, there will come a day when we will want to add membership statistics to those achievements as proof for our claim that Americans want to establish a day to honor our pioneer heritage and the Cowboy culture we love. Please DONATE NOW
by becoming a supporting member. If each reader of the National Day of the Cowboy News would join today, we could boast that our supporters alone number in excess of 3,700 members! Add this figure to the hundreds of thousands of people who are already members of other cowboy heritage organizations and our voices become increasingly more significant.  

An individual NDOC membership is only $20;
not much more than some folks spend on lunch. Your membership and involvement help us keep operating and pressing onward. It enables us to have a presence at more events, send the News more often, print brochures, pay for the website, hosting, internet and phone, printer ink, business cards, and all the other incidentals it takes to keep afloat and to sustain a level of effectiveness.  

I want to acknowledge volunteer Stephanie Gilman for giving our membership form a more polished look. Also, I want to apologize to all of you that we've not been able to put the form on our website as a printable file. We're working on that but we could use someone with the expertise to help get the form set up that way.

If you don't feel you're a 'joiner' please consider making a $10 or $5 tax deductible
donation. We do not have any major sponsors. This remains essentially a grass roots effort, kept going for the past four years mainly by volunteers and small donations or fundraisers. Send a check or money order in any amount you feel you can contribute to: National Day of the Cowboy, 115 West Exchange Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas 76164 or donate through our Paypal account,
Don’t forget too, if you’re looking for a worthy place to donate your cowboy items; ropes, chaps, chinks, tack, books, art, boots, hats, we can sell those items in our store or save the special ones for our own museum some day. Another way you can help is by choosing us as your charity of choice on your ebay auctions. We are a certified
Mission Fish charity. These are challenging times for everyone, but this economy seems to be especially hard on nonprofits, and yet this point in time may be our only window for a preservation opportunity of this magnitude. If we can't make this happen soon, we may never get another shot. Please help us keep the NDOC going. 

What’s New?
Cowboy Legacy's Brian Lebel, generously offered to auction our autographed 1970 Gibson Hummingbird guitar for us at his 20th Cody Old West Show and Auction held in Denver,  Colorado, at the Merchandise Mart, June 26-28. The Hummingbird is a highly collectible instrument even without all the fantastic celebrity signatures. Singer/songwriter, Kip Calahan, donated the guitar to us early last fall, and then with the help of Larry Shell, Nancy Harlan, and T-Bird Arnold, we spent months collecting autographs. The amount of fun we had asking songwriters, performers, music producers, actors, and politicians to autograph the guitar would fill a book! We've got  pictures of most of the signings too. The winning bidder will receive a CD of those photographs along with the guitar and a certificate of verifying that we personally obtained all the signatures and that they are all authentic. Check out the photos on our Myspace

Kip Calahan was first to sign. Those who followed Kip include Larry "Murder on Music Row" Shell, Dale Watson, Willie Nelson, Bryan "American Honky Tonk Bar Association" Kennedy, Country Music Hall of Fame writer, Michael McCall, Ranger Doug of Riders in the Sky, Grand Ole Opry announcer and WSM Deejay, Eddie Stubbs, singer-songwriter, Clay Dustin, producer-songwriter David "What’s Goin’ On in Your World" Chamberlain, artists Eric HeatherlyJoseph SinsJake Rivers, and T. Graham Brown, engineer Nathan Smith, musician Chris Scruggs (Earl's grandson), U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Jeff Connors (son of Chuck Connors), Johnny Western, Charlie Rich Jr., Rex Allen Jr., Pedro Gonzales Gonzales Jr., songwriter Mentor "Gimme the Beat Boys" Williams, Lynn Anderson, Devon "Jessie" Dawson, cowboy poet J.W. Beeson, actor Lorenzo Lamas, singer Crystal Sands, songwriter hall of famer, Billy Joe Shaver, Red Steagall,